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In our efforts to keep the rising costs of subscriptions low, please read the following.

If you have a charge on your debit or credit card that you, the cardholder, do not recognize, please keep in mind that we are a multi-million dollar company, and in order for our processing department to fulfill an order, we do have to have a verified recording with the customer on the other end of the line. If we processed an order with your credit/debit card, that means that someone has read the card credentials to us. In the event that this has happened to you, and you do not remember authorizing such a payment, please follow the below steps FIRST:

Step 1:

Please ask your spouse, business partner, purchasing manager, elderly relative, or anyone else who might have access to your card if they happened to make a purchase for magazines without making you aware.

Step 2:

MOST IMPORTANT– No matter what their answer is, call us before disputing the charges with your credit card company. We will be more than happy to allow you to hear the recording to verify that it was not fraud. In the event that fraud has taken place, we gladly offer full refunds of money paid. Ordering magazines, as we definitely realize, is not the most memorable part of your day, and sometimes communication lapses between spouses and business partners, but disputes handed over to your credit card company can and will cause undo harm to our company, as they are very expensive and could end up costing the jobs of over 30 individuals with families and obligations. If you call us, and in the rare instance you aren’t satisfied with our resolution, we encourage you at that time to contact your credit card company. However, our mission is to never let that happen, so please allow us the opportunity to impress you with our customer service and satisfaction.

Step 3:

Have a Great Day and Smile.

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